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Computers - 23.11.2020

Yermak, by God, you were right all along. I have nothing to lose. All I own is a starless sky and a piece of no man's land. But how can I get away without a horse or a boat? Even you wouldn't conquer Siberia without your boat. And you had the funds - not your own, but funds nonetheless. And what then anyway? You had a future - death, sainthood, legend. Best I can do is severe injury, it's hard to die nowadays. Ah, I might as well try. But how? Where is my Siberia? Where can I hide from the cruel eyes of my tsar? How, when he's always watching, he and his hounds. If I am to follow in your footsteps, I must sin against him. Do you think I should? Is that so? Well then, I'm taking this piece of plastic and throwing it out the window. What? Is that too much? You may have had a single tsar, but I have many. Killing this one is just enough for me.