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Death - 22.11.2020

Oh, it was such an experience. Andrew the Aloe gave me the visions. I closed my eyes and started seeing these... shapes. Kind of swastika-like but not quite. Then I saw tunnels, lots of tunnels. Some were carved in stone and well-lit. Some were dark and ruined, barely holding their ceiling. I came through all of them. I saw a house, a big, wooden house. I didn't go in but I knew that no one lived there. I stole a horse and rode out into the woods. Somehow I managed to lose the horse as I was sitting on it. I carried on walking. The forest was big, with thick layers of greenery covering my entire vision. Then I saw a dark spot on the green background. I got close and saw it. It was a short... person, I think. About 150 centimeters tall. It was covered in endless layers of fur. It showed me, layer by layer, just fur, never ending. The person started dancing. At that moment I was sure - it was Death. But it was a little too late, it kicked me right in the abdomen. I felt a sharp pain, as if a knife struck my stomach. I fell down a dark chasm, very similar to the tunnels from before, just vertical. I landed at the very bottom, in complete darkness. Despite my circumstances I was extremely calm, blissfully embracing the thing at the bottom of the well. Then I woke up. Never trust an aloe.