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Disdain - 21.11.2020

I walked through the new neighbourhood. About what you'd expect from a suburbian middle-to-lower-upper class area. Freshly-built houses, freshly-mowed grass, freshly-cut tress. Lots of houses with tiny little gardens, a labyrinth of them. And yet I saw, like, maybe six people in total. I'm not sure exactly how many were there but surely there were too few of them for such a big neighbourhood. But there were far too many cars for such a small amount of people. I thought that maybe the developer put them there, to make people think that other people actually live there. Anyway, I kept walking. Lots of little White Houses, small Winter Palaces. All I could feel and think was disdain. Those people had enough money for a three-story house and three whole cars and yet they chose something in such a bad taste. And then, something exploded. A house. I though it was fireworks at first. But no, just some Christmas lights which I didn't notice earlier. It was night and I was somewhere else. Pretty charming. More cars, fewer houses and even fewer people. And I thought to myself, "Hey, that's mine!".